You could still have a singleton with that beta.

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Posted 12/23/17. is biggie from baddies west a trans

Hi, this is my 4th ivf cycle. Last FET had a chemical and at this point. Since its conception as an online parenting network in 2000, Mumsnet has grown to boast over 10 million users and an annual turnover of £7. 14dp5dt 501. . Apr 3, 2017 · wsv. .


I'm defo past the 2 week mark of conception.



Between them, I had a missed miscarriage with beta of 129 at 11dp5dt, then 735 at 14dp5dt.

Neither had a second beta.

He had to stay with me in case they called, but of course he was across the entire store when my phone rang! Eeeek!!.

I can't even believe that I am writing this, but I just had my first beta at 11dp5dt FET and we got our BFP!!! Our number came in at 632! The nurse said that was high and I go back in on Thursday to see how the numbers progress. . 13dp5dt - OTD.

My 3rd positive.


After this may be on to DE.

Did my beta today on 11dp5dt and my HCG was 613!!! So curious if I'm having a singleton or twins!! Whats Ur beta and experience? - BabyCenter Canada.


I go back Wednesday for 2nd beta and my RE didn’t say anything concerning. Posted 12/23/17.

is it weird to call your dad papi

2 grade A embryos transfered I'm on Clexane, pred, prontogest, prog.

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You could still have a singleton with that beta. Mar 29, 2016 at 12:49 PM. . After 3 failed IUIs, this is our first round of ICSI/IVF.

Transferred our last embryo on June 3rd.

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In fact, as you know I'm paranoid and I would have liked a less fast doubling time. The test line is certainly much stronger than in my previous cycle and the clinic said that their test (which is the one. I've been pacing around all morning on pins and needles. Of course a chemical is also possible but normally people tend to get a couple of days of positive. Have sore boobs especially underneath nipple area. I had a failed fresh transfer last year I started spotting at 6dp5dt so I new I was out the game! We had 3 left in the freezer so had one 5BA blastocyst transferred on the 20th of April 😀 I have not really had that many symptoms. 2 grade A embryos transfered I'm on Clexane, pred, prontogest, prog. even i. I did an early test - first response at 9dp5dt and it was. Apr 4, 2017 at 11:23 PM. Apr 4, 2017 at 11:23 PM.

Hi all, My first ever post on a forum. Should I prepare for miscarriage? Today is 20dp5dt, should. How are you? What are your plans regarding testing? Are you going to wait until your test date? My transfer was on Wednesday and my test date is (11dp5dt) so. My OTD was 11dp5dt and on 9 and 10dp I started spotting and had what were exactly like period cramps.


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9dp5dt HCG = 165 10dp5dt HCG = 225 11dp5dt HCG = 516 14dp5dt HCG = 3160 17dp5dt HCG = 9411 19dp5dt HCG = 17148.

Complete squinter again.


Apr 27, 2021 · Hey everyone, I'm currently 7dp5dt on my first FET.

today morning i had spotting and since then when wipe after toilet i seeing brown discharge. Mumsnet is a website for parents in the UK. Son number 2 was 319 at 11dp5dt. Aug 15, 2020 · Beta HCG of 75 at 10dp5dt FET. I am nervous that at 11dp5t ( 16dpo)the line is pretty light and should be darker.

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